We are specialized in website design and development and mobile applications development.
As one of the prominent IT companies in Hyderabad we are driven by a talented team and visionary leadership.
We aim to expand globally and continue innovating with technology to benefit individuals and businesses.


UI/UX Design

We build web applications to meet your specific requirements,
whether you're just starting out or looking to upgrade an existing platform.

Logo Design

Logo Design

We make logos for all sorts of businesses, from start-ups to established ones. Our logos are not just symbols but we
design them making sure that they represent your brand leaving a strong visual impact.

Website Designing

Website Designing

We are specialized in building attractive and functional websites, for startups
as well as established businesses.

Web App Development

Web App Development

We build web applications to meet your specific requirements,
whether you're just starting out or looking to upgrade an existing platform.

E-Commerce App Development

E-Commerce App Development

We create a booming online store, from concept to completion with our e-commerce
app development that helps you create a successful online store.

Shoppy Park

We've crafted a user-friendly E-commerce app for Shoppy Park, providing convenient shopping experiences with a simple and efficient design.


Our E-commerce app simplifies grocery shopping, ensuring a straightforward and accessible digital platform for daily essentials.

Bhaarath Market

We've designed a customer-centric E-commerce app, Bhaarath Market, creating an effortless and enjoyable online clothing shopping experience.

Smiley Serve

Our E-commerce app development for Smiley Serve guarantees an easy and cheerful food ordering process, offering a hassle-free and delightful user experience.

Product Development

Product Development

Turn your ideas into market-ready products with our product development services.
From gathering requirements into a secure product release


We transformed Caafisom's idea into a user-friendly doctor appointment booking app.


Yoskool's school/college ERP software was developed to streamline administration tasks effectively.


We enhanced Shoppypark's e-commerce platform for an enriched shopping experience.

Clean Wash

Clean Wash's laundry and dry cleaning services were improved for utmost customer satisfaction.

Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Whether it is Android or IOS, Richlabz offers you both Native and Hybrid development based on your choice and budget.


Richlabz engineered a mobile app, enhancing convenience and streamlining your experience with creative efficiency.


We designed an app for school and college management, ensuring simplicity and efficiency in school/college easy administration management.

Smiley Serve

Smiles are a tap away with our app, crafted by Richlabz for joyful
and hassle-free food ordering.


Richlabz brings the future of shopping to your fingertips with a user-friendly app, enhancing convenience and variety.


Capture family moments effortlessly with an app developed by Richlabz,
preserving memories with simplicity and creativity.


We've streamlined leave management mobile applications for a government client, ensuring efficiency through Richlabz-developed software.


Richlabz delivers effortless laundry and dry cleaning services through a
user-friendly mobile app, ensuring freshness and convenience.


Explore celestial insights with a user-friendly astrology app crafted by Richlabz, diving into the cosmos with ease.


Donate blood or find a donor easily through a user-friendly app developed by Richlabz, connecting lifesavers effortlessly.


Richlabz brings convenience to the world of vehicle rentals with an app, ensuring hassle-free car pickup and drop-off.


Revolutionize water treatment with Richlabz-developed mobile application for ARDIS simplifying which sells Aerator, Filtration, and RO Plant components.

Transformation starts here

At Richlabz, we believe in transformation, and it starts right here. An invitation to be part of a journey where your dreams meet innovation. Let us work together, and let your vision become a reality. The transformation you've been waiting for begins with us.

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